Information is What Makes Donald Kerry Frey Tick

January 25, 2018
It is Donald Kerry Frey’s strong background as a tech entrepreneur that could very well provide him with the ability to make successes his two pet media projects, Frey Robotics ( and Nova Tribune ( He has always had a passion for information, as well as for trying to understand just how information can be used to make people smarter and more informed. The process of information consumption and showing reader how that information can be used to make the world better is what has led Donald Kerry Frey to create both sites in the first place.

The notion behind Frey Robotics is based on the idea that you can inform people technology and they will be more likely to accept the developments our world is making for the future. Likewise, Donald Kerry Frey created the Nova Tribune news site to present the news in a way that respects both sides of every argument, which is something that most news sites lack. The Nova Tribune attempts to provide an alternative to news consumers that informs them through articles that reflect multiple fields and interests. His tech entrepreneurial skill could make the site provide information for years.

Donald Kerry Frey’s Robotics Interests

July 27, 2017
Donald Kerry Frey has an interest in Robotics, which is an understatement to be sure. He is a longtime tech entrepreneur and currently owns and operated Frey Robotics. The website focuses on home robotics and artificial intelligence as well as a broad swath of robotics articles and points of interest. Someone who knows Donald Kerry Frey will be thoroughly unsurprised to hear that Frey Robotics is a synthesis of robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence and how to utilize those technologies in real life applications in the home and office. It is, to put it mildly, one of Donald Kerry Frey’s obsessions in life. He is as interested in robotics, and the practical implications thereof, as anything else in this world.